IGNEOS is a boutique consulting firm offering support in designing and implementing a transformation plan to create sustainable value.

IGNEOS enhances client’s capabilities, and bring along guidance to define an ambition, as well as co-create, structure and deploy a compelling transformation roadmap.


Sustainability challenge should be embedded in business strategy

Converging forces driving radical changes:

  • Externalities are still rising (e.g. CO2)
  • GDP is still correlated with fossil fuel energy
  • Marginal efforts or CSR are not paying enough
  • States commitment on ambitious target ()50%, -100% CO2)
  • National, European and global policies (e.g. CO2 emission reductions)
  • Non financial reporting
  • Extended product responsibility
  • Funding call for innovative sustainable projects (recovery plans)
  • Talents are looking for purpose job
  • Business partners initiating plans and deployment
  • Investors attentive to other dimensions than short term profit (long term resilience, impact on society).
  • Clients more and more receptive to sincere engagement

Threats to manage but mainly opportunities to be seized

  • New product and services based on your core competence (material and immaterial assets)
  • Smart digital strategy
  • New offering to bring solutions to reach climate, environmental targets
  • Innovative supply chains
  • New paradigms
  • New markets
  • Gain industry leadership based on those new rules
  • Gain awareness and visibility, improve image (vs market, policy makers, talents…)
  • Partnerships with suppliers, clients and value chain partners to shift to more resilience
  • Rethinking your global/ local businesses
  • Divestment

Successful players "design and deploy sustainable transformation"

1. Organizations/ companies

Considering current value proposition how to:

  • Reduce significantly your environmental footprint
  • Leverage circular economy principles
  • Reduce dependency to single use, non renewable raw material
  • Optimize your go to market

Considering your core competences, material and immaterial assets how to:

  • Develop and launch new products/ services
  • Review your pricing strategy

2. Policy makers

  • Develop smart models and schemes to stimulate shifts by the market players
  • Design and deploy public investment to drive transformation projects
  • Leverage public services and public companies to become role model

In what we trust

Trust in it too

Businesses are the main driving force behind our society transformation given the importance of their direct and indirect impacts and the resources they mobilise.

Positive impact companies are creating meaningful, fair and sustainable value. In the middle to long term, they are more resilient.

They adopt human management that stimulates innovation and develops creative human resources.

They develop partnerships, contribute to their territorial ecosystem's resilience and stimulate the collective impact development.

They are aware of their impact and become ambassadors to inspire other actors. ​


What's in for you

Sustainable transformation roadmap does create value for stakeholders

Attract & retain people

Employees sensitive to corporate purpose and societal impact

Respect, anticipate norms & answer public market requirements

Norms getting stricter & public market integrating environmental requirements

Innovate to anticipate / counter competition

Innovative disruptive companies appearing in all sectors

Stay attractive for investors

Green business have privileged access to financing (capital, debt and subsidies)

Companies that will honestly and proactively embrace these changes will get competitive advantages in termes of access to smart staff members, customer credentiales or access to and cost of funding


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Il y a quelques jours je rejoignais Igneos. Un choix mûrement réfléchi. Et aussi un fameux challenge, après toutes ces années au service du développement durable et de l’économie circulaire, de l’entrepreneuriat et du management de projets complexes.
Je fais le choix de rejoindre IGNEOS parce que : ...

Thibaut témoigne

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2021, cap sur une relance positive

« Nul ne peut ignorer les enjeux sociétaux. Un nombre croissant d’entreprises savent qu’elles doivent changer leur modèle d'affaires, faire évoluer leur gouvernance, changer leur rapport aux ressources naturelles ou encore renforcer leur ancrage territorial... ».