About us

Integrity &

In the way we conduct business and interact with people, integrity is what we live by. We conduct business in a candid way and we communicate openly and fairly. We stand up and take accountability. We are convinced that this way of interacting strengthens our impact and culture in everything we do.

Strive for

We take pride in creating an impact for your organization. One that is based on your reality, and one your organization and team will benefit from for a long time coming. Whether this impact can be measured in figures or whether it is a new impulse to your new way of working, we always ensure you that you will move forward. We do this by stepping in and acting as a catalyst to make this impact work for you.

Culture of

We believe in team work so we can bring the best of our knowledge to the table and inspire each other. We build on each other’s strengths and experiences to jointly create new solutions and thought patterns. We continuously learn from, and analyse our successes and errors, in an encouraging and energizing environment of direct feedback and constructive advice/guidance.

What we do

Igneos is a team of experienced advisors who enjoy creating breakthroughs for our clients in addressing their most challenging questions. Most often, these questions are about corporate strategy, commercial decisions and organizational changes. We commit ourselves to helping our clients in creating new and meaningful answers to the very diverse challenges they entrust us with.

As Management & Strategy Consultants, we help you to optimise your business performance and to develop answers to your questions of revenue growth, customer retention, organization improvement and fostering a sustainability mindset.
When you start working with us, we will work with you and your people on the key question that is keeping your team from flourishing.

How we view consultant work

Our experience shows that prescribing an ‘one-size-fits-all’ concept no longer works. Based on our experience, we believe in the instant benefits of bringing clarity in roles and responsibility. Applying this clarity in combination with appropriate room for adapting to changes, will make your people develop their talents to the fullest. Supporting you in this, will help your team grow and will reduce friction.
As we challenge the status quo and offer alternatives, we approach each topic with an open mind. Based on this strategy we ask good questions and listen carefully to all your answers. We interact with all stakeholders and we encourage ownership within your team. In the end, everyone on the project will benefit long term.

At Igneos:

  • We love strategy work
  • We play the long game
  • We encourage your people
  • We act together with your team
  • We rejoice in our clients’ success

Our team

Thibaut Georgin

The Skipper

Gaël Guillou

The Planner

Anne-Leen De Coninck

Solution Finder

Xavier De Villepin

The Investigator

Xavier Degraeve

The Quarterback

Louis Hogge

Scenario Modeller

Julien Dahin

Avid Explorer


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