Since 2009, for more than 10 years, IGNEOS, boutique consulting firm served trusted clients by providing smart and pragmatic advice on different aspects of business strategy, in different markets and in various sectors.
Attentive to the market dynamics and the rising challenges as faced by our society over the last decade (lack of resilience, collateral damages related to current economic models as particularly illustrated during the Covid crisis), IGNEOS decided in 2020 to focus primarily on consulting services to support organisations in their transformation journey towards true resilience and science-based sustainability.

Early 2021, Laurence Lambert, Bryan Whitnack joined their forces, enthusiasm, and proven expertise in this mission with Thibaut Georgin and Louis Hogge to form a multiskilled and engaged core team.
IGNEOS core team is complimented by several independent experts and a broad network of specialized sustainable service providers sharing same corporate founding values.
As our trust clients (decision makers, staff, partners), IGNEOS community is passionate and positively energized to build a resilient and truly regenerative economy.


What we trust

Trust in it too

  • Businesses are the main driving force behind our society transformation given the importance of their direct and indirect impacts and the resources they mobilise.
  • Positive impact companies are creating meaningful, fair and sustainable value. In the middle to long term, they are more resilient.
  • They adopt human management that stimulates innovation and develops creative human resources.
  • They develop partnerships, contribute to their territorial ecosystem's resilience and stimulate the collective impact development.
  • They are aware of their impact and become ambassadors to inspire other actors. ​

Doing the right thing at the right time

Discover it

Igneos mission is to support organisation to design and deploy sustainable transformation
  • Align your board on opportunities related to sustainability challenges for your business
  • Stimulate an effective mindset change in your teams
  • Adapt your vision and mission according to a new ambition and considering past efforts
  • Adapt your business model for more resilience and more compatibility with resources limits
  • Define and initiate transformation projects with key partners in your business value chain (suppliers, customers, business partners, stakeholders...)
  • Define a sustainable transformation roadmap with resources plan and KPI's
  • Support you in operational transformation projects/program (coordination or interim operational support)
  • Design and edit financial and non-financial reporting systems

We are driven by values

5 values that guides us

Common good

We strive for a better world and favor the pursuit of collective interests. We believe enterprises are a source of resilience, taking part in a global ecosystem. That’s the reason why we feel it’s important to take the time to ask the right questions.


Innovation generates sustainable, useful and ethical value. We are constantly looking for business and managerial models that challenge the status quo and overturn inertia. We maintain close contacts with the entrepreneurship and research worlds.


In the way we conduct business and interact with people, integrity is what we live by. We conduct business in a candid way and communicate openly and fairly. We are responsible and accountable. We believe this way of interacting strengthens our impact in everything we do.

Strive for impact

We take pride in being impactful, based on your reality and constraints, we strive for an impact that will benefit your organization and team in the long run. Whether this impact can be measured in figures or whether it is a new impulse to your endeavour, we make sure that you will move forward. By stepping in and acting as a catalyst, we make this impact work for you.

Foster a culture of sharing

We believe in teamwork so we can bring the best of our knowledge to the table and inspire each other. We build on each other's strengths and experiences to jointly create new solutions and thought patterns. We gladly welcome your feedback and continuously learn from our successes and errors.


Meet the team


Thibaut Georgin

“La créativité est directement liée à la capacité de voir les choses autrement. La créativité, c'est plus la révolution du regard que celle de la pensée. ”

―L. de Brabandere, (Philosophe d'Entreprise)―

Photo_Laurence lambert_Profil
Laurence Lambert

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that things are difficult”


Bryan Whitnack

“The only metrics that will truly matter to my life are the individuals whom I have been able to help, one by one, to become better people.”

Clayton M. Christensen, How Will You Measure Your Life?

There are a thousand reasons why it should not work, let’s find together the reason why it will work indeed.

Louis Hogge
Senior consultant

"A chaque fois que vous vous retrouvez du même côté que la majorité, il est temps de prendre du recul, et de réfléchir. "

―M. Twain―

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You are welcome

If you are a consultant, junior or trainee and be interested by joining your project, you can contact us