Our services

Our services

Employees sensitive to corporate purpose and societal impact

Attract & retain people

Norms getting stricter & public market integrating environmental requirements

Respect, anticipate norms & answer public market requirements

Innovative disruptive companies appearing in all sectors

Innovate to anticipate/ counter competition

Green business have privileged access to financing (capital, debt and subsidies)

Stay attractive for investors

Creating a resilient company requires you to rally your people behind your vision for the future.

From crafting your purpose statement to coaching your teams and facilitating workshops, from designing processes to organizational charts and key profile maps, you can count on us to be by your side. We’ll help you structure and grow an organization committed to delivering upon your strategy.

We are here to help you analyze where your organization needs to upgrade itself to meet your strategy’s needs, making a plan to address the key action points as extracted from the analysis and helping you to implement it respectfully.

Through our work, we help you to:

  • Extract improvements in how team or departments can work together, better and more efficiently
  • Spot conflict situations and track down their source
  • Help teams and people work together
  • Address interfaces between different teams
  • Reach buy-in on agreements on how different departments will work together
  • Analyze macro-processes and assign owners and responsibilities by team and track
  • Facilitate workshops to align on repartition of responsibilities, resolving latent or overt conflicts, increasing communication and collaboration
  • Adopt more practical commercial and product management processes
  • Empower your people through coaching and internal workshops
  • Strengthen key pillars of your company culture
  • Bring clarity to everyone’s role
  • Align your teams on your strategic plans
  • Develop appropriate interface agreements amongst your teams
  • Plant the seeds for successful collaboration across teams, so that people can carry responsibility at the appropriate times and levels
  • Create pragmatic process overviews and interaction agreements as a solid, shared base for effective collaboration
  • Allow for taking ownership in a flexible team and leadership setup
  • … And address many more of the exciting challenges in working on organizational improvement